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Тинейджеры | Teens Здесь выкладываем линки на тинейджерское порно видео.

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Старый 06.06.2009, 03:05   #1
Пока неизвестный...
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Thumbs up XCoreClub: Самое лучшее русское порно! Только HDV 1080 Video!


19-year-old blondie Sandy suffers from a bad case of sex frenzy - which is, nevertheless, only a plus! Her oral skills are just blameless - as well as the tightness of her precious pink flower that her hung fuckmate stretches wide open with no mercy!
HDV 1080 Video. size 624.91 MB


Samantha's body is just blameless - these full boobs that are literally begging to be touched, that pussy that looks too seductive not to be fucked... And these full wet lips and little tongue promising truly unearthly pleasure... See them in action!
HDV 1080 Video. size 682.37 MB


This juicy 19-year-old brunette has got a damn huge potential! That sexy tramp stamp on her loins, that slutty fire burning deep inside her dark eyes... It's no wonder that she turns out to be such a hottie in bed - eager to get her pussy stretched open!
HDV 1080 Video. size 811.74 MB


Sarah is 20 years old already - but she looks much younger than that! That smooth swarthy skin of hers, that cute face, those miniature titties... Can you imagine her banging in front of cam with no shame at all? Well, she proves to be capable of that!
HDV 1080 Video. size 673.76 MB


Sweet little cutie Emma has got innocent big blue eyes - but don't even expect her to look innocent when she gets down to action - blowing her boyfriend's dick and bouncing on top of it like there ain't no tomorrow! No trace of innocence here!
HDV 1080 Video. size 695.17 MB

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Старый 07.06.2009, 06:37   #2
Пока неизвестный...
Регистрация: 18.04.2009
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Поблагодарили 16 раз(а) в 16 сообщениях
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Thumbs up Ответ: XCoreClub: Самое лучшее русское порно! Только HDV 1080 Video!


Laura has lived a sheltered life happily playing with her stuffed toys and with her tight little twat. However, there comes a time in every girl's life when she needs to toss her playthings and become a woman. This blonde seems reluctant at first, but being deflowered by two rough and rigid pricks at the same time is exactly the sort of initiation into womanhood that she needs, and you better believe she'll be back for more!

Part 1 size 118.42 MB Part 2 size 78.8 MB Part 3 size 97.69 MB Part 4 size 135.38 MB Part 5 size 96.71 MB


She seems so young, but Nikki has pretty much done it all. She's sucked and gagged back cock, she's swallowed cum, she's fucked and she's been sodomized, but there's one thing that she hasn't tried yet and that's two guys at once. At first she tried to tease our boys by sucking a banana, but they redefine banana split as their cocks rip open her sweet little holes and she screams for their cream!

Part 1 size 123.22 MB Part 2 size 116.54 MB Part 3 size 89.53 MB Part 4 size 104.75 MB Part 5 size 167.04 MB


Some girls like Melissa seem reserved when you first meet them, but it turns out that it's always the shy and quiet ones who end up being the dirtiest little hos behind closed doors. With laptop in hand, it didn't take long before this devilish princess found two guys with stiff dicks to satisfy her hardcore itch. You'll want more of this slut as she's rammed and splattered with all the cock and spunk she can handle.

Part 1 size 60.6 MB Part 2 size 145.46 MB Part 3 size 134.83 MB Part 4 size 97.64 MB Part 5 size 104.01 MB


Susie is one of my favorite girls. I couldn't wait to get this foxy babe into the hands of our African boy JA. This guy has a pretty damn big dick and when she poked Susie's pussy with it she was fucking shocked. As he rammed that tight pussy hard with his huge black fuck pole, she screamed like a banshee, and thrashed like a wild horse!

Part 1 size 102.81 MB Part 2 size 93.73 MB Part 3 size 105.67 MB Part 4 size 110.37 MB Part 5 size 99.3 MB


Ginger loves sex American style and shock and awe are the keywords when she opens her mouth, spreads her thighs and offers up her ass for two brutal cocks. This brunette takes it all and still she's like a rabid slut wanting more and more! With her pussy dripping with her juices and her ass still gaping, this exotic slut opens her mouth for two thick and creamy loads of sperm.

Part 1 size 120.39 MB Part 2 size 130.59 MB Part 3 size 141.85 MB Part 4 size 72.71 MB Part 5 size 82.69 MB


It may look like Keeani has just come from a cocktail party, but this sexy and exotic-looking slut knew that she was coming to her own happy hour, and so she dressed for the occasion. After all, cock is the main course on the menu, and she's determined to get drunk on copious amounts of sperm. JA doesn't disappoint and Keeani indulges on all the hardcore delicacies she could want from his black sausage.

Part 1 size 106.39 MB Part 2 size 146.59 MB Part 3 size 108.34 MB Part 4 size 145.52 MB Part 5 size 172.52 MB


Susie is a juicy little bitch with the sort of hunger for cock that can only be described as greedy and voracious. She wants to be thrown and tossed around by two hot dudes with big cocks and that's exactly what she gets. After she's finished being face-fucked by two throbbing rods, her cunt and ass get ripped so wide that the only thing she can do is moan and beg for the pleasure to never end.

Part 1 size 104.06 MB Part 2 size 153.07 MB Part 3 size 99.65 MB Part 4 size 134.51 MB Part 5 size 123.53 MB


Blonde-haired Ariel almost seems too delicate to take a battering from a big black dick. But despite her milky-white porcelain skin, she is one tough broad. This slut never breaks under the pressure of a rough fuck, and she barely gags on the black snake when it throttles her tonsils! Relentless for cock, Ariel is unstoppable when it comes to fucking any man's brains out!

Part 1 size 94.89 MB Part 2 size 121.6 MB Part 3 size 120.5 MB Part 4 size 133.52 MB Part 5 size 118.71 MB

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